JB Energy participates in the WIND EXPO in Tokyo which gathered the main players of the sector

JB Energy recently participated in the WIND EXPO, a major energy event in Japan that took place in the city of Tokyo from 15-17 of March, […]

JB Energy showcases the Raijin Float at the Nigeria-Japan Business Forum

JB Energy recently participated in the Nigeria-Japan Business Forum, showcasing its latest and most innovative solution for renewable energy. The forum occurred in Tokyo, Japan, from […]

Influence of Heave Plate on the Flow-Induced Motions of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Abstract Flow-induce motions (FIM) small-scale model tests were performed for the Jappaku floating offshore wind turbines (JPK), a FOWT developed to operate in Brazilian waters. This […]

Effect of Heave Plates on the Wave Motion of a Flexible Multicolumn FOWT

Abstract Three models with different footing types were used to clarify the effect of heave plates on the hydrodynamic behavior of the elastic response of a […]

CFD code comparison, verification and validation for decay tests of a FOWT semi-submersible floater

Abstract With the advancement of high-performance computation capabilities in recent years, high-fidelity modelling tools such as computational fluid dynamics are becoming increasingly popular in the offshore […]

Wave Response of a Monocolumn Platform with a Skirt Using CFD and Experimental Approaches

Abstract This paper aims to investigate the nonlinear motion characteristics of a monocolumn type floater with skirts numerically and experimentally. Wave calibration, free decay, and regular […]

Experimental Study on Vortex-Induced Motions of Floating Circular Single Cylinders with Low Aspect Ratio and Different Heave Plate Geometries

Abstract Experiments regarding vortex-induced motions (VIM) of floating circular cylinders with low aspect ratio, 𝐿/𝐷 = 2.0, and different heave plate configurations were carried out in […]

Numerical and Experimental Comparison of the Wave Response of a Very Light Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with Guy Wires

Abstract A floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) concept with a guy wire-supported tower was investigated to obtain results of motion in waves considering its elastic model […]

Influence of heave plates on the dynamics of a floating offshore wind turbine in waves

Abstract This paper presents an analysis of the efects of heave plates with large skirts on the dynamics of a semi-submersible FOWT in waves. The analysis […]