PreFEED and
Concept Evaluation

A crucial stage in the development of floating offshore wind turbines.

Pre-Front End Engineering Design (preFEED) is a crucial stage in the development of floating offshore wind turbines, as it allows for the evaluation of different concept options and the identification of potential technical/operational challenges, thus having a large impact on the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the project.

To help you navigate this complex task, JB Energy provides you with independent PreFEED and Concept Evaluation expertise to help you navigate through the early stages of your project, reducing uncertainty and assisting with decisions that are key to reducing CAPEX, OPEX, and risk.

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Evaluation of site conditions

A good knowledge of environmental (wind, wave, and current) and geotechnical conditions is fundamental to properly choosing an installation site and dimensioning the turbines therein. We draw from decades of experience with offshore wind and Oil&Gas to obtain and process the relevant data.
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Assessment of resource potential and energy yield

We use a combination of state-of-the-art software to model wind farms with different fidelity levels, taking into account not only atmospheric conditions but also the complex physics of wake dynamics and interactions among turbines. This procedure allows us to reduce uncertainty when predicting annual energy production and optimize performance.
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Assessment of infrastructure requirements and availability

One of the key challenges in offshore wind is the availability of the necessary infrastructure to build, install and connect the turbines to the grid. We assist in mapping required resources and considering them when assessing the cost and risk associated with a project.
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Supply chain and logistic studies

The myriad of components that comprise an offshore wind turbine needs to be manufactured and get to their final location, which is far from an easy task. We have you covered whether you need to verify the width of roads between the blade manufacturer and port, the availability of tug boats for installation, or anything of the kind! These considerations are at the heart of RaijinFloat®, our proprietary concrete hull concept that significantly reduces construction and installation costs.

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Wind turbine selection

One of the main choices for a wind turbine is, of course, the turbine itself. We evaluate the different options provided by equipment manufacturers in order to choose the one that better suits your needs.
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Economical analysis of offshore wind farms

We bring all those aspects together to evaluate CAPEX, OPEX, Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), and associated risk for different scenarios.

These analyses are then used as input to our trusted Front-End Engineering Design, in which we design the most cost-efficient solution for your offshore wind farm.

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