The latest most innovative offshore wind solution using concrete pannels


Concrete Manufacture

Raijin Float® is our semi-submersible floating platform for wind turbine constructed by precast and prestressed concrete, designed to be stable and highly resistant to wave and wind loads.

The Raijin Float® platform is made up of prefabricated concrete components that are assembled on site. The components are designed to be modular, which allows for rapid construction and assembly of the platform. The platform's stability is achieved through a combination of its shape and its use of prestressed concrete, which provides added strength and durability.

Prestressed concrete is a type of concrete that is reinforced with tensioned steel cables or rods. This technique allows for the creation of concrete structures that are stronger and more resistant to bending and cracking than traditional reinforced concrete structures. The use of prestressed concrete can help to reduce the weight and volume of the platform, while maintaining its strength and stability.

Overall, the use of precast and prestressed concrete in floating wind turbine platforms can offer several advantages, including improved durability, reduced weight, and faster construction times. 

Precast concrete panels

50% less

Half the cost of construction

when compared to steel.

Half the time of construction

when compared to steel.

Half the carbon footprint

of construction compared to traditional steel design.

Stimulates the economy of the local community

See how below.

Leveraging local technology and workforce


Cement Industry

Reduced cost of development and construction based on local procurement.

Local Communities

Local fabrication can be implemented. This will increase the development capacity of those communities.

Economic Development

By installing FOWTs on the coast and lakes, local labor in the factories will generate economic development in different regions.

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