Influence of Heave Plate on the Flow-Induced Motions of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine

Abstract Flow-induce motions (FIM) small-scale model tests were performed for the Jappaku floating offshore wind turbines (JPK), a FOWT developed to operate in Brazilian waters. This […]

Effect of Heave Plates on the Wave Motion of a Flexible Multicolumn FOWT

Abstract Three models with different footing types were used to clarify the effect of heave plates on the hydrodynamic behavior of the elastic response of a […]

CFD code comparison, verification and validation for decay tests of a FOWT semi-submersible floater

Abstract With the advancement of high-performance computation capabilities in recent years, high-fidelity modelling tools such as computational fluid dynamics are becoming increasingly popular in the offshore […]

Wave Response of a Monocolumn Platform with a Skirt Using CFD and Experimental Approaches

Abstract This paper aims to investigate the nonlinear motion characteristics of a monocolumn type floater with skirts numerically and experimentally. Wave calibration, free decay, and regular […]

Experimental Study on Vortex-Induced Motions of Floating Circular Single Cylinders with Low Aspect Ratio and Different Heave Plate Geometries

Abstract Experiments regarding vortex-induced motions (VIM) of floating circular cylinders with low aspect ratio, 𝐿/𝐷 = 2.0, and different heave plate configurations were carried out in […]

Numerical and Experimental Comparison of the Wave Response of a Very Light Floating Offshore Wind Turbine with Guy Wires

Abstract A floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT) concept with a guy wire-supported tower was investigated to obtain results of motion in waves considering its elastic model […]

Influence of heave plates on the dynamics of a floating offshore wind turbine in waves

Abstract This paper presents an analysis of the efects of heave plates with large skirts on the dynamics of a semi-submersible FOWT in waves. The analysis […]

Elastic response of a light-weight floating support structure of FOWT with guywire supported tower

Abstract To obtain fundamental knowledge on the elastic response characteristics of a light-weight floating support structure of a FOWT (floating offshore wind turbine) with guywire supported […]

A Brazil-Japan Collaboration on a Conceptual Design of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine for the São Paulo Coast

Abstract Wind energy is one of the most studied topics in the renewable energy scenario. In the last decades, the focus has been put on several […]